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What is the Reformed Faith?

We believe and rejoice in the spiritual unity all believers enjoy in being saved. This constitutes the one true, holy catholic church. With the death of the apostles the church wrestled with purity of the Gospel Message and the evolution of the primacy of Rome and sadly the incorporation of many errors and some gravely serious. God blessed the church even through the darkest times with voices calling for reformation and revival. In the struggle for biblical faith God raised up men like Martin Luther and John Calvin and others and the church was reformed. Pro (for) testant (the word) became the name of those who stood FOR THE BIBLE against the ERRORS of men and councils. John Calvin is credited with many of the freedoms we enjoy today including education and vocational equality. Royal Palm Presbyterian Church is Calvinistic in its understanding of the great truths of the Bible. Likewise the New Testament church was governed by both teaching elders and ruling elders but NOT PRIESTS. The word, priest is used in the New Testament only of the Jewish priests of the old sacrifical system. St. Paul and St. Peter and the others were not “priests” but elders and pastors (the word is bishop and is used interchangelably with elders (presbyters). WHAT NO ALTAR? No! With the once-for-all death of our Lord Jesus Christ and his resurrection and ascension the work of our redemption was complete. He is most certainly presently with His church but He is not offered up in any sort of daily mass. This Romish doctrine and others are foreign and contrary to the New Testament and human reason.