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We now go into Revelation 8 as we open the 7th seal on the Scroll that is God's Final Testimony of how He will reestablish his kingdom on Earth.  This scroll (testimony) has been sealed, but now, through John, God has chosen to reveal the future.

As you continue in this systematic study of this most intriguing book, don't forget to view Dr. McCormick's blog: kirkmccormick@blogspot.com.  On this blog you will find the audio AND notes for the class.

Dr. McCormick prays that you will be blessed by this study.  Respond to him with comments or questions:  drkirkmccormick@gmail.com.

May God bless you as you study and respond to His Word.


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It is the week after Easter, Jesus is alive, and he is meeting with his own before he leaves for Heaven.

This is a time of encouragement for the disciples and other believers.  In this message, Dr. Warner reminds us of the encouragement of those days so that we might live in that same encouragement until the day we meet Jesus face to face.
May the Lord bless you as you listen to his Word and respond as Holy Spirit leads.

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Hello Friends,

Christ is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!!
What a joyous Easter celebration was had at Royal Palm Church on this most significant day of human history: the Day of Resurrection.  We are grateful to the Lord Jesus who makes our celebration possible. And we were excited that we had two services that were more full than ever!
To share the glory of the day we have given you the entire Easter service - music, prayers, message, EVERYTHING!  Dr. Joe preaches an inspired message that helps each of us to feel like we are at the Biblical scene on that first Easter Sunday.
 We trust you will be blessed as you listen to and participate in the Joy of Easter.
Christ is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!

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