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Dr. Warner offers a stirring word contrasting the life of the Pharisee and the Publican.  Which best reflects your life before the Lord?

We apologize that the recording cuts off before the full message was recorded.  May God bless you as you respond to his Word.


As we engage the book of Ephesians, Dr. Warner offers critical insights to the nature and purpose of Paul's letter to the church of Ephesus. As you listen, we know that the Lord will speak to you.


As we continue our Advent series in preparation for the celebration of the Coming of Jesus Christ, Dr. Warner leads us to consider the prophecies of the Lord. Of course, prophecy is much more than the pre-telling of the future.  It is, first, the forthtelling of God's truth given an impending need.  It is amazing that God predicted the coming of Jesus more than 2500 years ago. Yet, He is faithful to fulfill his promises.

Listen to this message and the Lord will speak to you.  When He speaks, respond!

God bless you as you meditate on God's Word.


The question is not only, "How can I know I am saved?", but, also, "How can I stay saved?"  To save you was a miracle, but to keep you saved is a continuation of that miracle.

In this message, Dr. Warner opens our eyes to the sustaiing work of God through the Holy Spirit. It is that work that keeps us saved after the miracle of redemption.  If only people knew the seriousness of God's righteousness, perhaps they would be more respectful.  Yet, for the believer, God works beyond our natural desires to create new desires in his own.

We trust that as you respond to the Lord in this message, you will know that God not only calls you as his own but then works in you the very righteousness of God.


One of the issues many Christian face concerns the assurance of salvation.  Can someone really KNOW that they are saved?

In this Communion message, Dr. Warner offers a helpful word to help the listener to be assured of his or her salvation, and the faith to persevere until the day of the Lord.

May God bless you as you respond to His Word.


We know you will be blessed as you respond to God's Word. Listen for the Lord's voice in this message. God's greatest gift is Jesus Christ, who came that we might KNOW that we are saved - to the Glory of God!  (1 John 5:13)


Listen to this inspiring message from Dr. Warner as we continue in our series in the Book of Acts


Many are called to feed God's sheep. Shepherds/pastors are a gift from the Lord to his people. But who is a blessing to the shepherds?  Who feeds the feeders?

In this message, Dr. Warner expertly describes Paul's unique calling as a Feeder of the Feeders of the Sheep. Paul, in his great theology, gives substance to the Gospel so we might be able to embrace the depths of God on a simple level. 

Yet...to be the Feeder of the Feeders, Paul had an amazing conversion.  To trust and obey God, Paul needed to be laid low.  But after being laid low, Paul becomes the apostle to the Gentile world, in which there were many Jews.  Though persecuted, Paul stood firm in order to complete God's vision for him.

As you listen, we know that the Lord will bless you, especially as you respond to His Word.

God bless!

Become a pastor and see the world!

Well, Paul saw the world, but that was not his aim. He was called to preach to the Gentile world...and he did ever so faithfully. Yet, he knew he needed to return to Jerusalem, partly as a dutiful Jew returning at Pentecost, partly to preach to his fellow Jews.

In this message, Dr. Warner skillfully recaps the story of Paul's return to Jerusalem. We also hear a word to modern disciples about facing our angry culture.  As the Lord speaks in this message, respond to him by faith.

God bless you!

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